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AFAX Nov 2010 Loots

November 15, 2010



Announcement – Anime Festival Asia 2010

August 12, 2010

They break the news over the facebook.

It will be held at suntec on 13th and 14th Nov 2010 (Sat and Sun)

This is perfect. The date is just nice for me! Yeah! Here we go!

Kaiji the movie

March 13, 2010

Finally, book out….
But still need to return back to camp next week.
Anyway, i went to watch kaiji the movie today.
It was good.
I had never watch the anime or read the manga before.
but i think that the movie plot had changed a bit here and there.

Trailer below:

Summer wars anime movie

February 26, 2010

Today, i went with my friends to watch this anime. Thanks to one of my friends for informing me that the movie just started showing in the cinema.


The artwork is like evangelion, not surprising if you can see from the poster who is in the production team.
As for the storyline, it is good. I feel a strong emotion in me during the scene when everyone around the world help in bringing down the AI hacker.
I am not going to give any summary of the show, the best thing is go and watch it. It is worth the $.

Bluemax’s gurren lagann

December 11, 2009

Saw this selling at toa payoh popular bookstore.
2 DVD which contain about 15 episodes and specials.
Cost around $39.90

I believe it can be found in major DVD shop.

Crowds of AFA 2009 and some random pics

November 24, 2009

Attended theĀ event. See the pictures.


Eva 2.0 movie

November 14, 2009

Today, i went to watch eva 2.0 movie with my friends.

eva movie 2.0 - 13 nov 2009

This picture was taken at AMK hub cathay cinema.

The show was great, music great, story was different from the TV series.

Some of the best parts in the movie :

1) Asuka and her eva descend from the sky and using a (gunbuster) kick to destroy the angel.

2) Fighting scene with the 10th angel. (Actually almost all fight scene are good)

3) Eva 01 berserk. (This had become a trademark, lolz)

4) Asuka naked scene?

I really enjoyed the movie.