2nd Japan Trip (16th Aug 2012 to 29th Aug 2012)

Finally, i went to Japan for the 2nd time for my holiday.

Ever since coming back from the first trip in Nov 2010, i had been thinking of going back there again.

This time round, it is summer in Japan. The weather is hot just like in Singapore. My family and i travelled to Tokyo on the first day.

From there, we took a domestic flight to Hokkaido – Sapporo. From Sapporo, we took a train ride to Furano and stay there for 3 days. The nature view over there was very great. Furano is a big place with limited public transport so we rented a car to drive around. We visit a flower farm. I felt great standing on top of a hill with colorful flowers around overlooking a small town with a few mountain in the distant and you can felt the serenity of this place.

Their food are great and tasty too. Furano is a farming place. Their local produce vegetables like carrot, potato etc have a subtle sweet taste unlike singapore vegetables.

After a few days in Furano, we went back to Sapporo to stay for another 4 days. Sapporo is just like other cities in Japan, high rise building, restaurants etc. The only difference between Sapporo and Tokyo is that there are lesser people in Sapporo compare to Tokyo. For these 4 days, we walk around sightseeing a lot of places like the shiroi koibito factory, cheese factory etc and taste a lot of delicious curry rices and curry soups.

After that, we fly back to Tokyo and visit the Skytree. But we did not go up to the observation deck because there are too many people waiting to go up. We visit a lot of places like, Nakano, Asakusa, Akihabara etc. My cousin who is living and working in Tokyo also met us and bring us to a lot of places. We also spent 1 day in Yokohama visiting his home and watching some fireworks.

Beside that, we also watch a AKB48 concert in Tokyo dome.

After almost 2 weeks in Japan, we had to take our flight home. It was a great holiday trip. I will be going back again for the 3rd time.

I am also grateful to my cousin who spent some time with us in Tokyo. Thank You.

……Another note…..the girls in Japan are really very good looking….^.^

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