Ultimate marvel vs capcom 3

I just bought this game few days ago. I had tried out some character and so far these 3 characters are my favourites.

1) zero

2) ironman

3) nova

I like megaman x game series, that’s why zero is my number 1 choice. In fact, i like his combo style a lot. There’s a youtube video on how to do zero combo.


For ironman, i just like the feeling of a super armor. His ultimate special “iron avenger” also looks good.

Nova looks cool with his power and his attack feels powerful.

So far, i can do most basic combos. But for those advanced combos, it is quite tricky trying to get the timing right. Frustration usually occurs for me when i am playing the mission mode.

Conclusion – I maybe a bit late to join the bandwagon but surprisingly i find this game interesting and fun since i had bad impression of MvC2 last time.

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