First person view of life….1

I have been playing many first person shooting game lately.
Game list – halo:ODST, fallout 3, battlefield bad company 2, bioshock 2.

So i came up with this idea on my own….this shows that i am addicted somewhat. Crazy….fun….

Trying to find my way out of this building……

Finally, i am out but it is nighttime…how long have i been stuck in the building? Wait, something in front!

Enemy monster, it is a catzilla! Die!

Using my telekinesis, i mind blast its brain……

A dead catzilla……….loot the body, got exp, gold…..

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4 Comments on “First person view of life….1”

  1. Epic! Rather creative ha ha. Careful someone may go and use photo shop to edit your photos like the Star Wars kid

  2. wongtcsg Says:

    Tell me the story about this star wars kid.

  3. Original Star Wars Kid Video:

    Star Wars Kid with Effect added by someone else:

  4. Penguin31 Says:

    Very nice! At first I thought the cat might have been yours and you trained it to roll over. haha.

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