CPU down….

The CPU was down for almost a week or so….
In the beginning, it was only the graphic card which had problem.
I bought a new one which cost $120.
Everything went fine for 2 days before the whole CPU won’t start up.
Frustrated, i sent the CPU to a shop for checking.
Find out that the motherboard was spoilt, had to change a new one with new processer chip.
That cost me another $400 with service charge. In total, that’s about $520 plus the graphic card.
I can get a PS3 for that price. But still, having a working computer is important.
My work and entertainment depend on the CPU. It is a multipurpose machine.
Human has become too used to all this stuff.

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One Comment on “CPU down….”

  1. What type and how fast is your Processor and RAM? It may not have been worth it if your processor was a pentium4. It is a Core 2 Duo CPU? 4GB of RAM?

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