2 weeks reservist – 8th mar 2010


going back to army for my 1st in-camp training.
Ever since i left the army 9 years ago, now then they called me back for some “training”. They might as well don’t recall me back.
I had to prepared my army stuff which had not been used for 9 years…..
The agony involved in trying to find, pack and transport the stuffs to camp had sapped the energy from my body.
I had to carry a lot of bags etc…and this translates to $ being spent on taxi fares. It is more easier and comfortable to take a cab than using the train and bus when you had a full load of stuffs to carry.
And sometimes you can see taxis waiting outside the camp to pick up anyone with a huge luggage, just like at changi airport. Good business for them.
sigh….2 weeks…i just have to bear with it.

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One Comment on “2 weeks reservist – 8th mar 2010”

  1. Panther Says:

    Wow, only 2 weeks and they call you back only after 9 years. I got called back the year right after I ORD’ed lol. I am currently in my 5th reservice, 3.5 weeks, but shift duty so I get to go out.

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