Games convention asia 2009 – gals

Went down to GCA today with a group of friends, saw some great games and gals.

games convention asia 3

Let the pictures do the talking. Photos of one of my friends with the gals. Credits to him and his camera.

games convention asia 1

games convention asia 2

games convention asia babes 10

games convention asia babes 1

games convention asia babes 2

games convention asia babes 3

games convention asia babes 4

games convention asia babes 5

games convention asia babes 8

games convention asia babes 9

games convention asia babes 6

games convention asia babes 7

I like those gals ^.^ and the games too.

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3 Comments on “Games convention asia 2009 – gals”

  1. Panther Says:

    4th picture from the very top, girl on the right of the picture was my favorite of the entire event except for the elementalist (who was already taken, since I was informed by someone who knows her).

    The very last model your friend took a picture with was very cute (not the “pretty” kind) though, I should apologize to her for what I did to her lol. She had a very nice personality, definitely the friendliest out of all of them there.

    But damn, that girl.

    The sergeant was pretty too, and so were the sailormoon girls. In fact, other than them, GCA was a total waste of time.

  2. I am the friend who took a photo of him with her. Not the other way around.

  3. wongtcsg Says:

    That last girl was friendly and cheerful, i like it if all the girls behave in this way.

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