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Well, today i went down to kinokuniya bookstore to see if there was anything to buy.

There was a 10 year anniversary 20% sale for all items. So i borrowed my sister’s membership card and happily went to the orchard branch first follow by the bugis branch.

As usual, there was an urge to get this and that. But in the end, i controlled my brain and resist the dark force. I only bought what i really felt like getting it.

transformer - war within

Transformer : war within

dengeki hobby aug 2009

Dengeki hobby aug 2009

game weekly 2009

Game weekly aug 2009

And a surprise find, although i did not bought it.

otaku encyclopedia

otaku encyclopedia – recommended by danny choo..

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2 Comments on “kinokuniya, bugis – otaku encyclopedia”

  1. konadora Says:

    hi fellow blogger living in singapore as well here.

    didn’t know they sold otaku encyclopedia at Kino.. might consider buying one ^^;

  2. wongtcsg Says:

    Hi konadora, you better hurry up and get it. It has been 1 month since i post this.
    Not sure whether is it still available.

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