New game – BlazBlue (Calamity Trigger)

Whoa, have not been posting in the blog for a month. As usual, been working, playing games and watching anime.

Few days ago, i bought a xbox360 “LIMITED EDITION” game. The name of the game is the title of this post.

This is me with the game…..

buy blazblue at funan

The “LIMITED EDITION” contains the game disc, 2 soundtracks cd and 1 tutorial video disc.

For the pictures of the disc in the box, see here.

I got it from a forummer by the name of WWE_Fan in (singapore xbox forum)

I like this game. Nicely drawn anime char, good storyline, great music. The gameplay was like guilty gear which was expected since both games came from the same company.

My first char is Hakumen. I was reading through the user’s manual and i decided to use and train this char.

There are 2 reasons for choosing him, first, he was 1 of the 6 heroes who saved mankind from destruction. Second, he handled a great sword plus the design of the armor which attracted me to it.

For detail story, i do not know yet. I had only played arcade mode. The rest of the time i had been playing online.

As i progressed through the game, i noticed that Hakumen has high damage power but was kind of slow and combo were limited. Most of the time, i had been using him so i can said with confidence that my skills are above average but not yet expert.

This is the char, Hakumen…….. thanks to him, i got the pixs from there.


For those who wants to play with me on xbox live, add my gamertag : wongtcsg

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One Comment on “New game – BlazBlue (Calamity Trigger)”

  1. Panther Says:

    Malzias and Yumeno and a few gamer friends of mine have been playing the game regularly in the arcades, and now that we have it on console, you want to join us at times for a gaming session together? After all, the best fun in the game is vs. other humans, especially ones who have played against the real pros. 😉

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