New console – xbox360, streetfighter 4 and resident evil 5

2 to 3 weeks ago, i bought a 37inch tv and xbox360 resident evil 5 bundle set. The reason?

Because i wanted to play streetfighter 4. The resident evil is more like a bonus because the shop which i went to only sells the xbox360 in resident evil bundle. And there were 3 more reasons.

xbox360 had more games than PS3,  FFXIII is coming out on xbox360,  xbox360 is cheaper than PS3.

It was a very hard decision. I spent quite some time pondering over whether to buy or not during this economic crisis. Although there are some pain over the loss of some $ from my hard earn salary, i am kind of glad i finally purchase it.

The graphic was good, streetfighter 4 game was great. Now i can get my hands on DOA xtreme 2, soul caliber 4 and others etc… some of the games which i want to try out since last time. Now i am still making decision whether to get the games or not.

I will be looking foward to june / july when FFXIII is release.

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