A day of billiard and dinner

Today, i went out with my cousin (Jer) to have a game of billiard and dinner with my poly friend and his friend. (Duelists and Chee Keong)

Reach parklane around 3pm+, saw a lot of indians celebrating thaipusam.


Play billiard for 1hr+ which cost around SGD$11, cost is spilt between the both of us.

After that, we walked to funan centre (a shopping centre which sells mostly IT stuff) for dinner with my friends. Along the way, my cousin bought a transformer toy which he wanted for quite some time – “Omega Supreme” which cost him SGD$75.

Meet up with my friends, window shopped around funan centre, discussed about xbox 360 games. Then we went up to the 5th floor “food junction” for dinner.  I distributed my food vouchers (which i get from my sis) to them, save some $. Then we chatted a bit, went up to the 6th floor “challengers” shop to try out some xbox360 games demo.

One of the game is called “ninja blades”, not used to xbox360 controls. After that, chee keong treated us to some free drinks. By now, time is around 8pm. And we parted our ways since the next day is work day (monday).

And for info, i don’t have a xbox360 console. Maybe will considered buying when FFXIII is released.

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