Game Review : Warframe

Posted June 3, 2018 by wongtcsg
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The first time when I heard of this online game was around the time I joined the Steam Platform. That was in the year 2016.


When I found out that this game was a “Free to play” game, i had lost half the interest. The reason being that I had this impression of any “Free to play” game had a “Pay to win” formula. You need to pay money to purchase in game item in order to become strong.

Because of this reason, i did not played this game until December 2017.

It happened when I asked my cousin what game can we play together online. He suggested this Warframe game since it was free. I was like whatever and I downloaded the game.

I started the game as a Tenno, descendants of warriors from the ancient civilization Orokin on Earth. I am awakened from the cryopod to bring balance to the Origin System (Something like the Solar System). There were 3 main factions in this system.

  1. The Grineer – Clone soldiers with massive armies and weapons. They conquered most of the planets in the Origin System. Aggressive and brutal. They had the toughest defense armor in the game. They can be said to be the strongest in the game.
  2. The Corpus – A group of people who were only interested in making money aka profits. They utilized high tech weapons and robotics to attack and defend. Whenever there were money to be made, they would appeared.
  3. The Infested – They were originally Grineer and Corpus soldiers. Their body had been infected by Techno-Organic parasites which cause their bodies to deform and lost the capacity to think, becoming mindless soldiers.

The starting part of the game was easy to understand as the NPC called “Lotus” was guiding me along. The overwhelming part came when I finished the starting part and reached my spacecraft which they called it the “Orbiter”.

Inside this “Orbiter”, there were a few options which I can interact with. The “Navigation” where I select my missions, the “Codex” where I learn about the game mechanics and Universe, the “Foundry” where I can build weapons and other things, the “Arsenal” where I can modify my warframe and weapons. These were some of the examples.

I can said that it was not beginner friendly, there were no NPC guide. The only guide was from the “Codex” and even that was not in detail. In the end, I had to rely on Warframe Wiki to get all the answers.

But once I done my research and tried out the game. The game had me hooked.

From the gameplay picture, we can see that it is a 3rd person shooter. The graphic is good for a free to play game.

On the top right corner, it shows your shield and HP. All the other numbers below belong to your allies shield and HP.

On the bottom right corner, it shows your weapon name and ammo. The 4 abilities skill and the energy bar.

Basically, you control the warframe, completing quests and missions to unlock new features and farm for resources to build other warframes and weapons.

Yes, that’s right. There’s a lot of warframes and weapons available in this game. Some are good, some are average and some are not so good. You need to farm for resources to build all those warframes and weapons. And on top of that, you need to farm for blueprints which will allowed you to build certain warframes and weapons.

Each warframes has their own 4 special abilities. Beside using the main weapon, you can also use the abilities to attack the enemies or provide buffs to your allies.

The best part of this game is that you do not need to spend money to purchase in game item. You could almost farm everything in this game. You just need the time to do it because the loot drop are very random. Another good thing is that the game developer are very active, there are always new patch, new stuff being added into the game. The gaming community are also great, nice and helpful.

In my opinion, the bad part of the game is the limited inventory slots for warframes and weapons.

When I just started the game, i had only less than 5 inventory slots for weapons and less than 3 inventory slots for warframes. Everytime I made a new weapon or warframe, i had to decide which one i had to sell in order to make space for the new one. I had to make a lot of hard decisions. In the end, i decided to purchase additional slots by paying some money. But of course, there’s no need for you to do that. You just had to make the tough decision on which warframes and weapons to keep, which one to sell.

Although there’s no need for you to spend money in this game, there are still many people whom willingly spend money to buy platinum (in game currency) or purchase warframe packs. The main reason is that these people want to support the game developer because they listen to their fans and has done a lot of good things in this game.

I would recommend this game to people whom like shooter game and like to have the satisfaction of farming and building the warframes and weapons. This is something like the game “Monster Hunter”, collecting and building stuffs.

Remember to go warframe wiki or their forum for more information or ask around in game for help. Once you get past this stage, you will definitely enjoy this game more.



2nd Japan Trip (16th Aug 2012 to 29th Aug 2012)

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Finally, i went to Japan for the 2nd time for my holiday.

Ever since coming back from the first trip in Nov 2010, i had been thinking of going back there again.

This time round, it is summer in Japan. The weather is hot just like in Singapore. My family and i travelled to Tokyo on the first day.

From there, we took a domestic flight to Hokkaido – Sapporo. From Sapporo, we took a train ride to Furano and stay there for 3 days. The nature view over there was very great. Furano is a big place with limited public transport so we rented a car to drive around. We visit a flower farm. I felt great standing on top of a hill with colorful flowers around overlooking a small town with a few mountain in the distant and you can felt the serenity of this place.

Their food are great and tasty too. Furano is a farming place. Their local produce vegetables like carrot, potato etc have a subtle sweet taste unlike singapore vegetables.

After a few days in Furano, we went back to Sapporo to stay for another 4 days. Sapporo is just like other cities in Japan, high rise building, restaurants etc. The only difference between Sapporo and Tokyo is that there are lesser people in Sapporo compare to Tokyo. For these 4 days, we walk around sightseeing a lot of places like the shiroi koibito factory, cheese factory etc and taste a lot of delicious curry rices and curry soups.

After that, we fly back to Tokyo and visit the Skytree. But we did not go up to the observation deck because there are too many people waiting to go up. We visit a lot of places like, Nakano, Asakusa, Akihabara etc. My cousin who is living and working in Tokyo also met us and bring us to a lot of places. We also spent 1 day in Yokohama visiting his home and watching some fireworks.

Beside that, we also watch a AKB48 concert in Tokyo dome.

After almost 2 weeks in Japan, we had to take our flight home. It was a great holiday trip. I will be going back again for the 3rd time.

I am also grateful to my cousin who spent some time with us in Tokyo. Thank You.

……Another note…..the girls in Japan are really very good looking….^.^

Fire Emblem: Kakusei

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Wow, i just noticed that there is this game for 3DS.

Fire emblem series are one of my favourite strategy games. The game is quite challenging. If your unit dies, it won’t be back for the next stage. But that’s what makes the game play more realistic and you will agonized over the decision making process.

Now the problem is should i buy a 3DS just for this game?

Ultimate marvel vs capcom 3

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I just bought this game few days ago. I had tried out some character and so far these 3 characters are my favourites.

1) zero

2) ironman

3) nova

I like megaman x game series, that’s why zero is my number 1 choice. In fact, i like his combo style a lot. There’s a youtube video on how to do zero combo.

For ironman, i just like the feeling of a super armor. His ultimate special “iron avenger” also looks good.

Nova looks cool with his power and his attack feels powerful.

So far, i can do most basic combos. But for those advanced combos, it is quite tricky trying to get the timing right. Frustration usually occurs for me when i am playing the mission mode.

Conclusion – I maybe a bit late to join the bandwagon but surprisingly i find this game interesting and fun since i had bad impression of MvC2 last time.

Study time…..

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Mayuyu photobook

Posted May 19, 2011 by wongtcsg
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I just received Mayuyu photobook today.
It was a great photobook. She’s a very cute girl.

For people whom does not know, she is from the idol group AKB48.

20% kinokuniya sales on 20 Feb 2011

Posted February 22, 2011 by wongtcsg
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I went on sunday to scout for some books, mainly manga.
With a 20% discount for members, it is a good chance to get what i want.
So these are what i get…

Hobby book and game magazine.

Manga, somehow i like food manga.